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About Snow Angels in Ecuador

About Us

Snow Angels in Ecuador is one of only a few 501 c 3, tax exempt entities, based in the United States, and devoted to working exclusively within the country of Ecuador. As one of many countries almost devoid of the necessary infrastructure to meet its population’s social service needs, Ecuador requires whatever assistance we can provide. Snow Angels in Ecuador is here to help fill that need.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide financial and administrative assistance to responsible charitable human service organizations in and surrounding the city of Cuenca to ensure their sustainability and growth.

Ecuadorian father, son and friend.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a difference in people’s lives by developing an infrastructure that can deliver a higher volume and quality of human services on an ongoing basis for the working poor of Ecuador.

Our Plan

After many years of experience in the non-profit field in the education of snow sports professionals, our plan is to turn our talents and energy to improving the lives of the less fortunate.

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Snow Angels in Ecuador Beneficiaries


Beneficiaries to Snow Angels in Ecuador come from an array of charitable foundations and non-profits that we have selectively chosen to receive and distribute the funding we receive from our donors. Our beneficiaries are there to make that essential link between our organization and the funding we receive from donors, to the programs, services and goods that are made available to those in need with our help.

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Latest News

Our News section is here to keep our followers, partners and supporters abreast to any updates in the programs supported or offered by Snow Angels in Ecuador, event or dates that important to our organization, or any other bit of information that with think is newsworthy as it relates to Snow Angels in Ecuador, and the community we’re doing what we can to help.

Covid-19 Survival Packs

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Photos by Robert Bradley

Snow Angels in Ecuador would like to thank Robert Bradley from, for taking the time go on a photo shoot with several of our volunteers in 2019,and allowing us …